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Another Beutyful Day


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

“Another beautiful day” is an acrylic marine painting.

The size of artwork is:
90 X 90 X 3 cm

This Contemporary marine painting is made on high quality canvas, with the finest acrylic materials and it is varnished for protection against UV light and dust.
The painting is shipped unframed, in architectural sturdy tube for more protection.

All paintings are signed by the artist and a Certificate of Authenticity is also included in the shipment.

The displayed image size of the artworks can vary from the actual size. So it's best to refer to the dimensions provided for each painting.

Keywords: reflections, seascape, boat, water, marine painting, expressionist sea

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: $ 1740

About Artist

Niki Katiki

Niki Katiki is a self taught artist who, for the most part, expresses herself through abstract art. Over the years -of course- she has passed from one style to the other, which is only natural, since she started painting as a child. The techniques used for her work can vary from oil to acrylic, from watercolor and gouache to mixed media, from rough surfaces created by the use of impasto colors or palette knife to the incorporation of different materials. She is always open to new ways of expression and never ceases to experiment and explore new means of artistic and depictive creation. In her early years she has experimented with still-life, portraits, landscapes. But it wasn’t until she began to express herself through abstract art that she found her true essence as an artist. Indeed, for 25 years her work had been strictly abstract. Consequently, she mastered her art with remarkable skill and she created a very unique and distinguishable style through the many turns and different phases her art undertook. Although the spectacular use of colors, contrasts and shadows, the playful use of diagonals creating a solid sense of perspective and the multiple levels of volume and texture continue to create her unique works, she lately altered her style: In fact she started creating semi-abstract paintings in which the theme is recognizable as a whole even if one cannot identify distinctive details. Side by side with her purely abstract works we now find expressionistic landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, surrealistic and modern paintings. Different themes depicted in various versions create series of works. But regardless of the series each work belongs to, there are features and characteristics common to every painting, creating her unique personal style. The balance between light and shadow, cold and warm colors, the volumetric structure of the composition and the textured surface are some of the typical characteristics of her work, that create the impressive and powerful paintings. Most of all, though, this atmosphere is provoked by the use of light. Indeed a dramatic, theatrically staged, inner light becomes the centerpiece, the focus of each and every work of her last period. A mystic contrast between light and dark areas of the painting create a sense of inner ease and serenity that is overwhelming.

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When I am walking around outside in the nature, by investigating my path and my creativity, there is suddenly a spark that catches my eyes, that I can reflect to its shapes, texture, and to its colors. And this starts a creative process in me.
Then I will search for a female figure with a unique look with some of mysterious, which can be best for me to draw and to paint. 
After that I will use some digital painting programs in order to draw and sketch and to integrate the nature elements, texture and the colors that all together reflect out of this process. 
After the digital process I print the digital artwork on canvas, and then start a process that is more traditional, by using brushes with acrylic, ink, graphite, color pencil, aerosol paints, and whatever that is necessary for the final result. Then put an over varnish laqa to protect as necessary. 
My art is integrating the beauties of the nature with a mysterious femininity that wraps it.

Keywords: body, mix media, digital art, yossi kotler art, acrylic painting, face